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What is a Responsive Web Design?

A Responsive Web Design (RWD) is one that adapts the screen to the computer or mobile device you use, giving you an excellent and optimal user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Increasingly more people are browsing the web on their mobile devise (phone or tablet), a RWD layout provides a good alternate browsing experience.

Is an App better than a RWD for the mobile phone?

An app for the mobile phone is much more expensive to make than a responsive website. You need to make an app for iphone, Android and Windows operating system. There are about 300,000 apps for the iphone, and 300,000 apps for the Android system presently. According to one source, an average user downloads 15 apps into his mobile devise. It is a challenge for your app to make its way down into the clients mobile devise. A Responsive website does not take up precious space in a mobile devise like an app does. It also does not need the user to regularly update or upgrade the website like an app does. So a Responsive website is a good one solution for all devise.

Why do I need a fast loading website?

Your website will be built to load within milliseconds from the time you hit enter. The first page should load completely within 5 seconds. The longer it takes to load the higher the chance the viewer will turn away from visiting your website. Our target is to make your website loads within 3 seconds. Google states that for every 100 milliseconds it takes to load a page, a website loses 20% of their traffic. That means potential business lost if the website takes too long to load. Speed does matters.

Will you built SEO into my website?

Your site will be built with Search Engine Optimized (SEO) so that it can have good ranking when related keywords are searched using google or other search engines. Google also takes the loading time of your website into consideration for your site’s search ranking. These two factors will put your website search ranking in better position.

How secure is my website?

We assure you of excellent security and hack prevention with our partner host. Anti-virus and hacking prevention tools are put in place. If ever your website is hacked, we will restore it for free.

Do you provide backups for my website?

We automatically back up your site every day, files and database, and they can be restored easily with a few clicks.

What do you use to build my website?

As of March 2012, 72 million sites are built with WordPress making it the most popular CMS. We write your website with WordPress, suitable premium themes and plug-ins. When WordPress upgrade their software, your website will also be upgraded with the latest WordPress version so that it stays up to date with the latest development.

Is it possible to have more than one language on my website?

Yes, it is possible to have two or more languages on your website. We use WordPress Multi-language (WPML) plug-in to assist in translation. For each language, the menu and content are also translated. A button is provided on the site for choosing the language to view.

Do you provide email services?

Many website hosting comes with simple web-based email services. We think that your business emails should be better served by emails experts. Google has excellent email services for business and cooperation. It costs $5 USD per user/mth but it comes with security that is different from your ordinary Gmail account. It also has loads of apps for collaborative works between your team. So you can use your with Google Gmail services.

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