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Website that will Auto-fit on:

Mobile Phone

Tablet / ipad

Notebook Computer

Desktop Computer

One Website Solution

An adaptive design that re-size the elements of the web pages to fit to the screen of the devise that you use. Whether you are viewing the web pages on a desktop computer, notebook computer, a tablet or a mobile phone, the web pages will reorganize the elements to adapt to the devise so that you can read it comfortably at a viewing distance. So there is no need to make two versions of your website, one for mobile phone and one for desktop computer.

Fast Loading Site

Your website will be built to load within milliseconds from the time you hit enter. The first page should load within 5 seconds. The longer it takes to load the higher the chance the viewer will turn away from visiting your website. Our target is to make your website load within 3 seconds.


Your website will be built with best business practice in mind, that means 99.99% of up time as every minute down equates to potential business lost. We partner and host your website with the best hosting servers in the world, with hack prevention, anti-virus and regular backups. You just need to concentrate on your business and let us handle the back end for you.

Modern in Design

A clean and contemporary website design that reflects the image of your company.

More Sales

A well designed website that will result in more page views and more potential inquiries for sale and optimum return on investment (ROI).

Speed Matters

Google says that for every 100 milliseconds it takes to load a page, a website loses 20% of their traffic. Speed does matters.Google also takes the loading time of your website into consideration for your site’s search ranking.

Better Search Ranking

Your site will be built with Search Engine Optimized (SEO) so that it can have good ranking when related keywords are searched using google or other search engines.

According to emarketer, in 2013 smartphone users in the U.S. has grown to 140 millions, and in China has reached 412 millions. More and more people are using their smartphone to browse websites. A responsive web design which is fast, stable and will auto-fit to any screen, will give them an optimal browsing and viewing experience.

Executive Summary

You get the best Website design for your business

  1. One Website Solution – Web pages that will re-size automatically to your computer or mobile phone screen. Elegant responsive web design.
  2. Sales (ROI) – A well designed website that will result in more page views and more potential inquiries for sale (ROI).
  3. Better Ranking – Search Engine Optimized so that your page can work its way up the search results ranking.
  4. Good English – Your website will be written in good English for your clients to better understand your products (same English level as Amazon website).
  5. Fast Loading – Website that loads in less than 5 sec.
  6. Stable – 99.9% uptime.
  7. Hack Protection – Active preventive measures are put in place to prevent your site from Hackers. We repair it for free if it does break.
  8. Anti-virus Protection – Around the clock anti-virus protection built in.
  9. Backup – Daily backups are put in place for you to fall back on
  10. Languages – Your website can be custom made to have more languages (eg. Chinese and Spanish)
  11. No need for app – No need to make an app for your website for mobile phone.

Why Us?

We are reliable and honest with our approach and methods. We have the skills and experience to design a good User Interface for you so that your clients can have a good User Experience browsing your website.

UI &UX Design
RW Design

We built your website with priority for your User Interface and User Experience. A good website should at least give the browser a good, pleasant and enjoyable time viewing your website.

Please write to us for more details.

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