Why I don’t link my website to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter

The answer is simple. I do not link my website to any social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter because these social networks are not allowed in China. Unless a person use a Private Virtual Network (VPN) to gain access to these social networks, they are not going to be able to read and write to these popular networks.

Another reason that is closely related is that if I link my pages to these social networks, my website may possibly be banned in China. Even though I am promoting Website Design services, the links to these popular networks could cause a misunderstanding by the Chinese authorities and leads to a unnecessary “Page not found” appearance for people trying to view my website.

Do I personal have a Facebook page? Sure I do, and I mostly post photos of friends and myself having a good time here and there. So this is not about me against social networks nor am I biased against Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. Since this website is about services that I offer to the companies and manufacturers located in China, I think it is good to be on the safe side.